Zoom quick start guide

To be able to use Zoom in Diak, you need to complete the following steps:

  1. Activate your Zoom account with your Diak credentials
  2. Download and install the Zoom desktop or mobile app on your devices
  3. Log in to the app with Diak's SSO login.

These steps are important, as by default, you can only join Zoom meetings in Diakle if you're signed in to the Zoom app with your Diak credentials.

More detailed instructions and troubleshooting tips can be found on the following help pages, but here are the steps in a nutshell:

  1. Go to https://diak-fi.zoom.us and select "Sign In". (Don't just google Zoom and / or go to Zoom's own general page to create an account, as it won't work.)
  2. Log in with your Diak username in long form, e.g. [email protected] and with your own Diak password. When you are directed back to the Zoom page, you have successfully activated your account.
  3. Download the Zoom app.
    The desktop app can be downloaded on a computer:
    - From the page you just logged into, from the "Download" link at the bottom
    - https://diak-fi.zoom.us at the bottom of the page, from the "Download Client" link
    - https://zoom.us at the bottom of the page, click the "Download" link
    The first option on the Download page should be "Zoom Client for Meetings", download and install it on your device.

    For mobile devices, you should go to https://zoom.us, where the "ZOOM Cloud Meetings" app is offered at the very top, press VIEW on the right. This will take you to the download page, where the first item on the list should be "Zoom Client for Meetings" and below that a "Download from Google Play" or "Download from App Store" link, depending on your device. Click this link to go to the app store, and install the app appropriate for your device.
  4. Log in to the app with your Diak credentials. Select Sign In, but don't enter your ID yet, just select "SSO" (Single Sign-On). If the next page asks for an email address, select "I know the company domain." When you're shown a text field asking for a company domain, type "diak-fi" in it and continue. This will allow you to log in to the app with your Diak credentials in the same way as in step 1.

Once you have completed these steps, you're all set. When you click a Zoom meeting link on your computer or mobile device, you will be able to join the meeting directly. You should also visit https://diak-fi.zoom.us to check some of your profile settings, e.g. time formats.