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Teams meetings quick guide

Joining Teams meetings on a browser only works properly in either Google Chrome, or the new Microsoft Edge (with the blue and green logo, as in the image below). Make sure your browser is up to date, older versions might not be supported.

Old and new Edge

You will likely receive a web link to join a Teams meeting. When you go to the link in your browser, if you happen to have the Teams desktop app installed on your device, your browser will either automatically start it or ask if you wish to launch it. If this happens, it is likely better to accept it and join the meeting in the desktop app.

If you don't already have the Teams desktop app, or run into problems with it, you should use the browser version instead. Select "Continue on this browser" to do that. The instructions below are based on the browser version.

Continue on this browser

The first time you enter a meeting, your browser will ask your permission to use your microphone and camera, which you should allow. If you decline, you'll have to manually revert the decision later, which the meeting screen will show you how to do.

After this you will get the below prompt.

Meeting options

The camera and microphone sliders will determine if they are active the moment you enter the meeting. We recommend toggling them off at this point, but you can preview your camera before doing so.

From the cogwheel icon, you can verify which devices to use. This is a good thing to check, as you don't want to accidentally end up using your laptop's built-in microphone and speakers when you're wearing a headset, for example.

Then just enter a name (preferably your first and last name) and click Join now.

At this point you'll be put into the waiting room, and someone in the meeting will have to let you in.

Once you're let in, you'll be able to access the meeting controls in the middle of the screen.


This menu will disappear if you don't move your mouse for a while. Just move your mouse a bit to make it visible again.

You can toggle your camera and microphone on and off with the two leftmost buttons. The speech bubble lets you access the chat, the person icon shows you the meeting's current participants, and the big red button allows you to leave the meeting. Other options include raising your hand, sharing your screen and changing device settings.

If you accidentally leave the meeting prematurely, you can click the Rejoin button to get back in the waiting room.