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Changing the default language

The default language for DIAK credentials users is normally Finnish. However, for the English-speaking students and staff it is easier to use the software in English. You need to change the language yourself since IT administration will not change the default language for individual users.

Log into Office 365 with your Diak credentials. On the front page of the service, choose Delve. 

1. Once Delve is open, choose Me (Minä) on the left hand side bar of the page. 

2. Next, click on the blue button Update profile/Päivitä profiili. 

3. Then scroll down a bit. When you see three questions (they are links), choose and click on the middle one: How can I change language and regional settings? Clicking brings forth another link (=tässä, as in the image below). Click on it.

4. In your profile editing page, click on the three little dots in the row of tabs.

5. Choose the second link of the drop-down window (Kieli- ja alueasetukset/Language and regional settings)

6. Now you are able to choose any language from the list. Use the drop-down menu and 1) select all the languages you wish to use (one by one). 2) After each selection, click Lisää/Add. The languages will appear in the Language box.

7. You may organize the languages into an order of preference using the little arrows. The language on top is the new default language for you.

8. Once you're done with selecting the languages, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Save changes/Tallenna kaikki ja sulje.

As Microsoft announces while saving the settings, it might take a while for the changes to come into effect. Be patient. If changing the language doesn't seem to work even if you try many times, check your browser's language settings and if that doesn't help, please contact Microsoft support.

Changing the main default language will not change the languages in O365 Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel Online apps. For these applications you must change the language separately.